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Danny Zayat has been charged with the murder of his ex-partner

Danny Zayat has been charged with the murder of his ex-partner, 34-year-old Tatiana Dokhotaru, after she was found dead in a Liverpool. People are searching for information about Tatiana Dokhotaru on the internet, so we will tell you more about her here. People are browsing on the internet to find out more about her and also about the murder case that is obtaining a lot of attention.

Danny Zayat murder of his ex-partner

A infant reportedly saw Tatiana Dokhotaru’s ex-boyfriend murder her, and the child remained with Dokhotaru’s corpse for almost a day in a Sydney apartment. Danny Zayat was alleged with murder on Monday, after three months of police inquiry into Dokhotaru’s death. She was discovered deceased in her Liverpool condominium in Sydney’s south-west on May 27.

Danny Doherty, who is in command of the homicide squad, said that the “vile crime” occurred in horrific ways. Was there at the time and remained in the flat until the next day, which makes the situation even worse and more devastating. with Tatiana,” he said. “It doesn’t get much worse than a woman being killed in her own unit in front of a child,” he added of the accusations. When police arrived at the apartment complex in the early hours of May 27 in response to the first 911 call, they thought Dokhotaru had already perished.

At first, the authorities couldn’t figure out which apartment in the Liverpool tower the call came from. When the authorities went back after about 18 hours, they found the unit and discovered Dokhotaru’s body inside. An internal police investigation is being done on the first answer.

Doherty thanked the many individuals who gave more information that “buoyed” the investigation, even though Dokhotaru’s phone hasn’t been found yet. Police had also talked to Dokhotaru’s family, acquaintances, and business associates in Canada. On Monday morning, one of the first things detectives did was notify Dokhotaru’s mother that the person they believed killed her daughter had been captured.



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